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After a long wait, good news at last: I’ve received acceptances from five law schools so far, two of them in the top tier!

When I opened the first exciting envelope (the fourth envelope of the five), I blinked. It starts with “congratulations”… does it go on to say “no, thanks”? It didn’t! Looks like I’ll be a law student after all! Look out world!
As i told my parents, drank champagne, made my phone calls, sent text messages, and eagerly awaited a Skype conversation, I felt a little like Jane Bennet.

It’s been over a year now of preparing and writing and rewriting and rewriting and hoping and receiving devastating news and crying and regrouping… and finding so much love and support and faith around me. My family, my friends, my professors and employers who wrote recommendations for me… they shared in my low times with me and pushed me to keep at it. I am so happy to be able to bring you all joy by sharing my very good news.

I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am.


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