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Help Me Get This Monkey Off My Back!

FACT: Vervet monkeys use different alarm calls to warn each other of nearby predators., depending on whether the danger comes from land or from the air.

LSAT QUESTION: Which one of the following, if true, contributes most to an explanation of the behavior of vervet monkeys described above?

A: By varying the pitch of its alarm call, a vervet monkey can indicate the number of predators approaching.

B: Different land-based predators are responsible for different numbers of vervet monkey deaths.

C: No predators that pose a danger to vervet monkeys can attack both from land and from the air.

D: Vervet monkeys avoid land-based predators by climbing trees but avoid predation from the air by diving into foliage.

E: Certain land-based predators feed only on vervet monkeys, whereas ever predators that attacks vervet monkeys from the air feeds on many different animals.

LSAT INSTRUCTOR: Why do my students always want to argue with me about this question?!?!


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